I'm a freelance web designer & front end developer living near Sydney (Blue Mountains) with over 14 years standards-compliant, user-centred experience.

NRL Tickets - Interface design, front-end code & CMS

February 2015

NRL Tickets Design and Build

The NRL commissioned me to design, build and launch their new tickets directory tickets.nrl.com in early 2015.

I had only four weeks to design the interface, code the HTML and setup the content management system.

As usual I chose ExpressionEngine to power things. It's able to pull in a XML feed and build content for the whole 2015 NRL season (+ many other things).

This CMS allows the NRL to have near-complete control over game and event content with a few display options built in.

All 16 clubs also have a custom login to set tickets URLs and game statuses.

The interface reacts to smaller screens – it's smart phone and tablet ready, with some caching and progressive enhancement to keep things loading quickly.

The NRL were pretty happy with the result, it met the func spec, deadline and budget.

'This is great... Fantastic... Love it. Thanks Dave!' Sara, NRL.

Freelance Design Projects in late 2014

July - December 2014

Freelance Design Projects

There have been lots of smaller interface and promotion design projects in the later half of this year.

I have started working directly with 'BridgeClimb' - the Sydney Harbour Bridge-climb company.

There have been a few HTML5 promos for McDonalds and TabCorp as well as MailChimp template designs for Payce Construction and the Western Sydney Wanderers A-League team.

Websites published and in-progress include: NRL personality Beau Ryan, a computer forensics company in the US, two financial services companies, mini-sites for the NRL and a nation-wide hydraulic tools supplier.

And of course lots of updates and extensions for the many products of Fox Symes and Associates (a long-term client).

Cognify - Logo, interface design & front-end code

November 2014

Cognify Organisation App

Cognify is goal setting application dreamt up by a couple of entrepreneurs I have worked with for many years.

I was charged with designing the logo, mobile and desktop interfaces and creating the front-end HTML, CSS and the (simple) jQuery for the promotional site and blog.

The website had to be pretty simple in its message and action – big form field and button, clear context and headings.

This promo site and blog (custom Wordpress theme) is mobile-friendly too.

The app itself was put together by another team and the two co-founders.

"A1 Dave!", "Boom!!!!", "Yeah that’s the ticket!" - Ben, Cognify

NRL Museum - Design, front-end code & CMS

September 2014

NRL Museum

The NRL Museum at Rugby League Central in Sydney approached me for a new website early in 2014.

The website had to show off the extensive memorabilia collection, function space and hospitality offerings.

I worked closely with the museum director and NRL brand team to design the interface. All the HTML, CSS and jQuery was put together by me.

I chose ExpressionEngine again as the content management system as it's so darn flexible and nice to use.

The client can easily add events, collection items and exhibitions and edit just about all website content. They're still at it – the site should be live in early 2015.

HeartKids, MyHeart - Design, front-end code & CMS

May 2014 - July 2014

MyHeart - HeartKids

I was commissioned by HeartKids Australia to design and build a site for 12-25 year olds with childhood heart disease.

The site acts as a information resource and a safe place to share stories and comments.

My job was to design all interfaces (including mobile), code all HTML and setup the Expression Engine content management system (for near-full content control).

The site has a forum, members registration, story submission and lots of data types and manipulations.

The myHeart site is almost live – with content being created by the HearKids team – ready for release in 2015.

FFA, All Teams - Mobile Interface Design

Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

Football Federation Australia - Mobile Interface Design

I was contracted through Sportal Australia to produce desktop & mobile wireframes + mobile interface designs for all Football Federation Australia teams.

This included the A-League, Socceroos, Matildas and all other international and local competitions and teams.

I was chosen for this project based on my years of experience with NRL team and parent-site re-designs and rollouts.

This large and detailed project spanned three months and resulted in many hours of planning and production.

The wireframe stage was the most rewarding as Sportal and I were able to shape the user experience for desktop, tablet and mobile.

The desktop interface designs were produced in-house, along with all code, with these sites still being rolled-out in mid 2014.

NRL Clubs Desktop - Interface Design

Sept 2013 - Jan 2014

NRL Clubs Desktop - Interface Design

With the client moving all club site to a new CMS, they wanted to refresh the interface.

So I was brought back in to redesign all club (and two state) websites – bringing them closer to the NRL.com interface that I had produced earlier in the year.

The layout allows for just enough space between elements and clear labelling of modules (as these screens can get visually busy with all those promotions!).

So right now just about all NRL websites - desktop and mobile have been designed by yours truley.

The build of these sites (CSS and dev) was handled by the internal project team.

NRL Clubs Mobile Sites - Design and front-end code

April 2013

NRL Clubs Mobile - Interface Design and Front-end Code

After redesigning all 16 NRL club sites and mobile apps in 2012 it was time to redesign the mobile websites for all 16 clubs (as well as the NSWRL and QRL sites).

The layout and design was heavily based on the pre-seeding NRL.com mobile interface.

Each club had to be tweaked to align with their brand – mostly colours and logos.

The project timeline was counted in days – I think I pulled a hammy in the effort to get it done. Deadlines were met.

The templates for each club were converted into HTML/CSS - using sprites and CSS skins to make updates a little easier down the road.

NRL.com Mobile Site - Design and front-end code

March 2013

NRL.com Mobile - Interface Design and Front-end Code

The NRL and Telstra asked me to redesign and code (front-end) the mobile version of NRL.com (after completing the desktop redesign).

Like all things at the new NRL – the interface had to be clean, concise, and easier to use than the last one!

My goal was to keep things as simple as possible – making sure that only clickable things looked like clickable things.

There were about 14 templates I had to design and then convert into HTML & CSS.

There was very little time from go to deadline on this one... needed to take a breath after it was delivered.

Sustainable Advantage - Design, front-end code & CMS

Feb 2013

Sustainable Advantage Group Australia - Interface Design, Front-end Code and Expression Engine

Sustainable Advantage Group Australia commissioned me to create a web presence for their new venture.

As well as the interface design and front-end code, I also installed and customised 'Expression Engine' – my content management system (CMS) of choice for the last 2 years or so.

There were some pretty complex content relationships – the client still gets to update just about everything.

"Well done. You have the patience of a saint! Loving it!" Diana, Sustainable Advantage Group Australia

NRL.com - Interface design

Dec 2012 - Feb 2013

NRL.com - Interface Design

After 3+ years working with the NRL I was commissioned by them (and Telstra) to re-design the NRL.com site.

This website has the highest public profile of any website I have designed in my 12+ year career so far. It was daunting and exciting.

The big change was to clean up the interface - increase space and present the news and content. Making it easier to digest information.

Working closely with the NRL and Telstra teams, we came up with a pretty nice interface with some cool little tools and interface thingies.

The front-end code was completed by the dev team responsible for the content management system.

This project is still going – there are constant additions, modifications, and promotions (like Tests, Origin etc.). Chances are if it's online and NRL – I probably had a hand in it.

Thanks to the NRL and Telstra for the continued opportunities!

Stackla.com - Interface design & front-end code

June 2012

Stackla.com - Interface Design and Front-end Code

Stackla is a social media aggregation tool which showcases the best social conversations around a brand or event.

The guys from Stackla.com knew of my work with the NRL – and were keen to get me involved with the design of their web app and promotional site.

This was a fun project that allowed me to play with the paralax scrolling technique.

"Website looks amazing mate. Everyone we speak to loves it. Great effort."
Peter C, Stackla

Angela Catterns - Interface design, front-end code & CMS

April 2012

Angela Catterns - Interface Design and Front-end Code

I was referred to radio and television personality Angela Catterns early in 2012. Angela needed a serious update to her online presence.

I was thrilled of course, as I had listened to Angela for many years on Triple J – it was quite something to have a 'real conversation' with that voice.

The new site design was all about capturing Angela's extensive career, talents and current services. And allow communication between Ang and her fans.

My role was to plan & design the interface, all graphics, front-end code and CMS installation. I also built a mobile-lite version of the site.

The site runs the Expression Engine CMS – allowing Angela + team to edit and update text, images and sound files.

NRL 16 Club's iPhone Apps - Interface design

Feb/Apr 2012

NRL 16 Club's iPhone Apps - Interface Design

At the same time I was redesigning all sixteen NRL clubs' websites, the NRL commissioned me to redesign all 16 clubs' iPhone apps for 2012.

My job was to design the interface layout, create all graphics and influence functionality.

We had a tight schedule, lots of stakeholders and competing objectives.

The end result turned out pretty well I think – with plenty of positive feedback from the clubs and fans.

"Great improvement over the last app..."
"Job well done guys on the latest version of the app, much better than the last one! looks great and love the layout!!"
"Easy to use. Easy to navigate around..."
"Worth the wait."

From iTunes reviews.

NRL 16 Club's websites - Design & front-end code

Feb/Mar 2012

NRL 16 Club's websites - front-end code and Interface Design

The NRL commissioned me to redesign all 16 clubs websites in late 2011. The existing sites were about three years old, and needed a re-think and rebuild.

The design process was a tricky one – there were a fair few competing requirements: aesthetics, commercialisation, usability as well as content and functional limitations.

My main goal was to create a consistent, club-branded interface that lifted the quality of the online NRL club network.

I worked closely with the digital team at the NRL – who were keen to push-through new design and content ideas.

The final designs were welcomed by the NRL, content partners & clubs. I then set about writing the HTML and CSS for the many templates and club variations.

The clubs are now in control of their sites – they can create and edit all sorts of interface elements (some more successfully than others).

"Mate just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for all of your efforts throughout the year. Although you're out there in the Blue Mountains you’ve been a valuable part of the team here and I'm really excited seeing what is coming out of your office with the new club designs."
Chris R, NRL

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